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Italian Shredders manufactured by factories with whom our company cooperates make various types of shredding equipment such as: shredders, grinders, hammer mills, crushers, pelletizers, with hoppers that can received materials from 1,3 to 10 cubic meters, with powers ranging from 37 to 200 kW and outputs which may exceed 30 tons per hour that can cover all phases of waste management for impressive reduction of their volume and preparation of such materials for further processing in the recycling circle, such as: recovery of recyclable materials, volume reduction of organic/industrial/Municipal waste, used car tires, electric and electronic equipment, production of granules, and for the production of compost, production of RDF and various other processes in the important sector of waste management.

The various types and sizes of shredders, with state-of-the-art operating systems, may be stationary or transportable on mobile units, hydraulic or electric, powered by electricity or by own diesel generator and may be equipped with feeding conveyor as well as discharging conveyor. They may also be single units or “in line” for industrial use.
Last Updated ( 01.03.08 )
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