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MACPRESSE Italy began its activities by the Scotuzzi family in the middle of the 18th century in the construction of metal tools and equipment and, after about one and half century, the fifth now generation of the Scotuzzi family continues to manufacture with its vast experience and perseverance in unrivalled quality the most reliable equipment in the international arena of machinery that service fully the sector of recycling of reusable exploitable materials, as well as in the sector of management of urban, municipal, industrial and all other kinds of mixed waste

MACPRESSE Italy manufacturers of compacting Press-Balers which develop press force from 40 to 200 tons and outputs ranging between 4 and 65 tons per hour for paper of all types as well as for all kinds of solid waste (Urban, Municipal, Industrial, Organics, Mixed, etc.) Thet also manufacture:

  • Shredders for papers
  • Units for the destruction of confidential documents
  • Shredders for paper roll cores
  • Conveyor systems
  • Units for the selection and recovery of recyclable materials
  • Transfer stations

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Last Updated ( 18.06.08 )
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