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Pöttinger is a progressive and international company, developing and producing machinery for the waste management. Its solutions should help to save cost for manipulation and logistic reasonably and sustainable. Highest quality, reliability and the advantage for its customers are the characteristics of its products and services. The customers are its partners and the company tries to focus on the ongoing growing demands for the needs of the customers in securing a safe and clean environment.

Poettinger manufactures:

  • Special vehicles for the compaction and transportation of solid waste (Press containers)
  • stationary and mobile with conventional plate compaction or screw compaction, from 8 to 30 cubic meters capacity, with the use of hook lift,
  • Equipment for the collection of solid urban waste
  • Vertical and horizontal press balers for small and medium quantities
  • Briquetting machines for cigarette manufacturers and coffee producers for production of briquettes from various materials such as papers, floating particles and dust from bag-linings, as well as other materials, paper and coffee bin peels


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Last Updated ( 19.12.07 )
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